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The India Hicks Podcast

Apr 11, 2020

We’re sitting in the drawing room of Lady Pamela Hicks’ home in Oxfordshire listening intently to Lady Pamela’s mesmerising stories. It’s just India and her mother Lady Pamela and Lisa the producer recording it and putting it all together. We’ve chosen to have no studio, no formalities just plenty of conversation and of course tea and cake.

This episode is all about Princess Alice, mother to Prince Philip and of course mother in law of Queen Elizabeth, a lady who lived a remarkable life in some turbulent and challenging periods of history. She was born in Windsor Castle, in the presence of her Great Grandmother Queen Victoria, and later married Prince Andrew of Greece. Her two aunts - Grand Duchess Elizabeth and Tsarina Alexandra - were both killed in the Russian Revolution and her daughter Cecile died in a plane crash. She was exiled twice and during During World War II and sheltered a family from the Nazis. Following a religious crisis she spent some years in a sanatorium in Switzerland and later established an order of nuns, living a life of extreme frugality dedicated to raising money for charity.

As Lord Mountbatten’s older sister she was of course Lady Pamela’s aunt and on this episode Lady Pamela tells us some of her memories of the remarkable chain-smoking, canasta playing Princess Alice.